Cat Clinic of Fernandina

97040 Elk Creek Court
Fernandina Beach, FL 32034



"The Doctor and her staff are absolutely fabulous. SO much compassion and she always communicates all of the options.  She shares her knowledge and spends as much time with you as needed. I have never felt rushed or felt like I was inconveniencing her. She dedicated so much time to our cat and we will forever be grateful. I can't recommend her enough. Thank you doctor!" - Happy Client, Ashley S.

"Dear Dr. Ashley and all the kind staff at the Cat Clinic, thank you so much for taking wonderful care of our beloved little baby Katie, who is now as healthy and happy as can be. Because of your treatment and concern, she is back home with us where she belongs. Everything you did to bring her back to us is appreciated beyond words. She is our joy." - Happy Clients, Peter and Jennifer D.

 "I have two cats that have survived unusual health issues because of Dr. Ashley's diagnostic skills and expertise. After two years of treatment, Billy's unusual heart condition was reversed and he is a happy, healthy, loving companion and family member. Sadie came home from the shelter and was awaiting being spayed at the clinic when I saw her, fell in love and took her home. Once home, she developed a choking cough and rapid breathing at rest. Again, Dr. Ashley's thorough diagnostic approach, including really listening to me describe symptoms, watching videos on my phone of her breathing, etc. and simply taking the time to research everything, she came up with a treatment plan that worked. Sadie runs, plays, and breathes normally again. Bottom line, I wouldn't take my cats anywhere else for their vet care needs." - Happy Client, Lin S.

"Dr. Mersereau, I am very thankful to have such a caring veterinarian. I appreciate everything you've done for my cats and I. You are a super lady, and a talented doctor." - Happy Client, Lucy N.

"I wanted to let you know that I am always hearing excellent reviews about your clinic from my pet sitting customers. Whether it is someone I've referred or they found your place on their own, I always hear the same great things. I have had people call me up mainly to tell me how great Dr. Ashley is, how wonderful and knowledgeable the staff are, and how pleasant the clinic is. It is nice to have a veterinary clinic that I feel 100% confident referring people to. Thank you for all yorange kittenou do!"
- Happy Client, Linda N.

"Dear Dr. Mersereau, thank you for the wonderful care you gave Sugar (and me). I respect your expertise and your approach to veterinary medicine. Your deep love for cats is very evident and so much comfort to your patients, feline and human. I will tell everyone I know what a wonderful vet and woman you are. Please convey my heartfelt thanks to your sweet staff. I always feel confident turning my kitties over to them." - Happy Client, Priscilla P.

"At a time when I needed them most, Dr. Ashley and Melanie came to my house to help my 20-year old cat, Hogan, cross the Rainbow Bridge. I have never been to the clinic but have heard so many good things. They helped to make this traumatic experience so peaceful and shed tears right along with me. Truly the very best!"
- Happy Client, Marla K.

"Dr. Mersereau and Staff, I just wanted to send a thank you to all of you for always being so kind and attentive to us and our children. You all are so patient with our questions and needs. I am so grateful to have made the choice to come to your clinic. I understand how some of your days must be so tough and others so rewarding. This is just to tell you that you all do a great job."
- Happy Clients, Nicki and Brion B.

"We cannot thank you enough for the wonderful care you provided Polo in his last days. Although our "energizer kitty" was very sick, you always made him feel better and well loved. Your wonderful care and compassion meant so much to us. Thank you with all of our hearts!" - Happy Client, Sheri G.

"Dr. Mersereau, I want to thank you, once again, for your patience, expertise, and suggestions regarding my cat Abbey. I also want to thank Melanie again, as well, for her kindness, patience, and making me feel very comfortable before, during, and after Abbey's appointment. I will definitely inform all of my friends, acquaintances, and neighbors about your wonderful clinic." - Happy Client, Deborah B.

"Just had to send you this message! Sweetie kitty has had her first firm poop! Just one week on her new diet and it is working! We are so excited. She already seems to have much more energy. Thank-you so much for thinking that she may have a food allergy, and trying this new treatment. You probably saved her life. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!" - Happy Client, Patty S.